Sports Chiropractic for Injury Prevention and Peak Performance

At ADVANCED SPINAL CORRECTION we combine a number of services and techniques centered on sports chiropractic care. Each individual's treatments are customized to give the best outcome for quick injury recovery and preventive rehabilitation. Special emphasis is placed on allowing the athlete to continue their training program while the injury is healing. Our primary goal is to identify the cause of the problem and fix it. Additionally many athletes also receive care designed to aide in performance and recovery to improve.

Structural Evaluation for Optimum Performance and Recovery:

Each individual's assessment and treatment includes components of Sports Chiropractic Care. This assessment consists of a complete structural exam of the joint position and range of motion of the spine, pelvis and extremities. This is accomplished with functional and orthopedic tests, active and passive range of motion tests, postural evaluation, digital foot scan and weight bearing radiographs (x-rays). Once the skeletal biomechanics are quantified, muscular flexibility and strength are assessed as well. Particular attention is given to areas of soft tissue adhesion that will alter the physiology and motor patterns of the muscles. Finally, any neurological deficits to the joints and muscles are also addressed. This information provides a blue print of each athlete's structural and functional biomechanics, which is then applied to the specific demands and movement patterns for their athletic activity/sport.

Sport Specific Treatment:

Once objectively identified, subluxations (fixated joints) of the spine, pelvis and extremities are treated with specific chiropractic adjustments (manipulations). Chiropractic adjustments are safe, and are the most effective way to treat these joint issues. The adjustments corrects each joint to its appropriate anatomic position, restores range of motion, and releases the adhesions to the surrounding ligaments causing the problem. We have found that if the joint mechanics are not corrected, soft tissue treatment or rehabilitation will not be successful or will take far too long to accomplish the desired goals. In addition to the adjustment, Cold Laser Therapy, Kinesiotaping, Therapeutic Exercises, Trigger Point Therapy and Whole Body Vibration Therapy may be utilized.  If warranted, custom Orthotics, using a digital foot scan by Footlevelers, may be prescribed.